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MR-Compatible Video Cameras

MRC's video cameras have been developed for the use in MRI scanners or anywhere in the intervention room of an MRI scanner. They have been tested in different environments ranging from 0.23 to 9.4 T.

We can equip the cameras with various lenses to optimise the field of view, magnification, and working distance for your application.

MR compatible video camera

ISMRM 2015

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OHBM 2015

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Product highlights

Typical applications

  • send videos from inside the bore of MRI scanners
  • can be used without interferring artifacts
  • easy installation and handling
  • compact design
  • video monitoring during functional MR imaging
  • eyetracking / observation in MR imaging systems
  • motion tracking
  • MRI diagnostic in pediatrics
  • room monitoring

The video cameras can be connected to a TV set, a VCR, or a video / frame grabber card in a PC. The camera module is based on a 1/3" B/W sensor in an MRI-compatible housing. Colour versions are also available.

The 12M module is very small and fits into almost any application. If you prefer having a distance between camera and object, a CS module with vario lens is recommended. See the different camera models below for details.

Our new digital camera models are available as high-resolution HD or high-speed cameras.

Camera models

All products are directly available from us.
For further information or to get a quotation, please give us a call or write an email.

12M camera Specifications
MR camera standard
  • in-bore video-camera
  • focal length: selectable from 2.5 mm to 25 mm
  • lens connector: M12 x 0.5 mm
  • module size: 28 mm x 18 mm; height ~27 mm +lens
  • weight: 22 g
  • supply: DC 6-9 V, 200 mA

  • 12M-i camera

    MR camera with
					    integrated LED light
  • see 12M camera
  • with integrated LED-light
  • module size: 28 mm x 27 mm; height ~27 mm +lens
  • weight: 45 g

  • CS camera with vario lens

    MR camera with vario lens
  • for monitoring subjects from a distance
  • focal length: 6 - 60 mm
  • lens connector: CS mount
  • module size: 36 mm x 36 mm; height ~125 mm
  • weight: 325 g
  • supply: DC 6-9 V, 200 mA

  • MRC HighResolution camera

    MRC HighResolution camera
  • in-bore HD video camera
  • resolution: 1,280x960 pixel @43Hz, 1,280x720 pixel @60Hz, or... (adjustable)
  • digital CMOS sensor, global shutter, color or b/w
  • various lenses available, standard M12 mount
  • interface: Gigabit Ethernet
  • module size: 83.3 mm x 37 mm; height 21 mm +lens
  • weight: 160 g

  • MRC HiSpeed camera

    MRC HiSpeed camera
  • in-bore high-speed video camera
  • frame rates: 1,076Hz @256x256 pixel, 250Hz @640x480 pixel, or... (adjustable)
  • digital CMOS sensor, global shutter, b/w or color
  • various lenses available, standard M12 mount
  • interface: Gigabit Ethernet
  • module size: 83.3 mm x 37 mm; height 21 mm +lens
  • weight: 160 g

  • For the 12M, 12M-i and CS cameras are NTSC and PAL versions are available. Output: EIA (NTSC) video signal 60 Hz half frame rate or CCIR (PAL) video signal 50 Hz half frame rate.

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    Image / video examples

    12 mm lens
    25 mm lens

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    White/IR light sources

    As an additional accessory we offer a flexible light source for MR compatible white or infrared illumination. The product is based on a compact LED that can be used e.g. as an illumination for eye-tracking. The light source can be ideally combined with the "12M" camera. Please check the manual for more information.

    LED light source
    Camera and light source

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    Mounting options

    The following pictures show different examples of camera holders for positioning our cameras in the MRI, at the headcoil, or at the wall. We can also realize customized solutions.

    Mount with ball joint
    Articulated arm at headcoil
    Mirror mount at headcoil

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